In Conversation With...Andrew J. Bacevich

Andrew J. Bacevich is an historian and commentator who writes about American foreign and defence policy. He graduated from West Point in 1969 and served in the United States Army for two decades, including stints in Vietnam and Kuwait....
Andrew J. Bacevich Published 2 days ago

(Video) Battle of Britain: MEPs on Brexit

In late 2018, British Online Archives travelled to Strasbourg to interview four British and Irish MEPs about the past, present, and future of Britain’s relationship with Europe and the European Union. In Battle of Britain’, Nigel Farage (former UKIP leader),...
British Online Archives Published 1 month ago

(Audio) Dr. Clarke vs. The Flying Saucers

Talking History is a new podcast from British Online Archives. In episode 2 of the Talking History podcast, host Jim Chisem speaks to Dr. David Clarke, Principal Research Fellow of the Journalism Subject Group at Sheffield Hallam University, curator of...
British Online Archives Published 1 month ago

Why the Cold War Ended

The end of the Cold War was surprising and profound in equal measure. In late 1988, everything was, relatively speaking, the same as it had always been: students of International Relations were avidly dissecting the latest texts by Kenneth Waltz...
James Chisem Published 1 month ago

(Audio) Is Space the final frontier of inter-state rivalry?

Talking History is a new podcast from British Online Archives. In Episode 1, two historians (Dr. Bleddyn Bowen and Dr. Cameron Hunter) and two scientists (Dr. Nigel Bannister and Professor John Bridges) join host James Chisem to discuss the past,...
British Online Archives Published 2 months ago

Thomas Schelling and the Diplomacy of Violence

Thomas Schelling originally worked in the field of economics, focussing on international political economy, trade policy, and tariffs. In the 1950s and 1960s, he was associated with the RAND Corporation and its leading lights, including Herman Kahn, Bernard Brodie, and...
James Chisem Published 4 months ago


A lot happened in 1967. Israel went to war with Syria, Egypt, and Jordan for a grand total of six days; the Soviet Union, United Kingdom, and United States ratified a treaty banning the placement of nuclear weapons in outer...
James Chisem Published 6 months ago

The Problem with Apollo

The American ‘moonshot’ is arguably one of the most memorable moments of the Cold War, if not the 20th century. It captured the world’s attention with record global viewing figures on live television and cemented the success of America’s military-industrial-scientific...
Bleddyn B. Bowen Published 6 months ago

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