Ghana and Sierra Leone in colonial and missionary records, 1700-1850

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Early colonial and missionary records from West Africa

Early colonial and missionary records from West Africa

Schooner taken was The Africaan, the property of Jan Meier of Delmina. Had on board a ton of ivory, fifty ounce of gold-dust, two women & a girl slaves. Was armed with with four carriage guns & five blunderbuses, & armed with 11 men
Proceedings in Vice-Admiralty Court relating to slaves in the 'Africaan' ship, Mar, 1909.Sundry letters from Z. Macauley, T. Ludlam, & others to T.P.T; img 8.

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British slavery didn't end with the law, see how the trade was stopped from 1808

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This resource comprises selected documents from a number of different microfilm collections, including: early Gold Coast records from the archives of the USPG; the papers of Thomas Perronet Thompson, the first Governor of the Colony of Sierra Leone; An account of two missionary voyages by Rev. Thomas Thompson; the letters of Rev. Philip Quaque, etc.


Ghana and Sierra Leone in colonial and missionary records, 1700-1850...

Containing 4,163 pages belonging to 32 documents housed in 2 volumes...

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Miscellaneous materials from the USPG archives

The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts first mission to West Africa began more than fifty...

Papers of Thomas Perronet Thompson relating to Sierra Leone

Born the son of a wealthy Hull banker, Thompson served in the army and navy until, partly through his connexion...


  • The legal end of the slave trade did not prevent all slave traders from trying to continue trading. The Papers of Thomas Perronet Thompson reveal how slavers were caught and tried while he was Governor.
  • The Rev. Phillip Quaque was a native of the Cape Coast in Ghana. Sent to England for training as a priest, he survived the experiment and became the first African priest to be ordained by the Church of England.
  • Thompson's idea of sending the three young Ghanaians to England was a source of interest to the Society. Extracts from the Society's journal cover the experiment from the idea stage to a report on their progress.
  • Correspondence from other missions in Sierra Leone includes that from the Rio Pongo mission. The Rio Pongo mission was run by a staff of West Indian and African native clergy for 25 years.
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