America in records from colonial missionaries, 1635-1928


6 volumes in America in records from colonial missionaries, 1635-1928

The A series letter books, 1702-1737

This series consists of the manuscript letter books kept by the first three secretaries of the Society. Vols. 1-6 contain only in-letters; vols. 7-26 contain both in- and out-letters. The letters and papers are from and to the missionaries appointed by the SPG to the American colonies and also from...

  • Contributor:  Bodleian Library
  • Reference:  1439-A
  • Keyword:  usa religion history colonial

The B series letter books, 1702-1786

This series contains original in-letters and drafts, or copies, of out-letters. The bulk consists of letters received from the American colonies, with a sizeable number of letters sent to the colonies. Some volumes relate mainly to a particular colony, but volumes 7-20 contain general correspondence, beginning in 1738, just after...

  • Contributor:  Bodleian Library
  • Reference:  1439-B
  • Keyword:  usa religion history colonial american revolution

The C series letters, 1635-1812

This series consists mainly of original 18th century letters from the colonies. The reason why they were kept unbound in boxes is unknown.Included in the C series are 65 letters of acknowledgement, some with instructions, from Rev. Dr David Humphreys, Secretary to the SPG, to missionaries and others, dated 1731-1733....

  • Contributor:  Bodleian Library
  • Reference:  1439-C
  • Keyword:  usa religion history colonial american revolution

Published accounts of two early S.P.G. missionaries to America

Includes: (i) A journal of the travels and ministry of the Reverend George Keith; and (ii) An account of two missionary voyages by the appointment of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts : the one to New Jersey in North America, the other from America...

  • Contributor:  Bodleian Library
  • Reference:  1439-D
  • Keyword:  usa african religion history
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