South American missionaries' records, 1844-1919

Missionary Records from South America, 1844-1919

Missionary Records from South America, 1844-1919

This city, the Capital of Chile, is well known in connection with superstitious observance, and with the burning of a church there in December, 1863. It is inhabited by few English speakers
Report Respecting a Recent Missionary Tour of the West Coast of South America, Rev. A. Hume, Oct 1867The South American missionary magazine; Volume 1; img 220

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See how South America was viewed by the missionaries there from 1844 to 1919

Includes most of the material held in the SAMS archives for the period up to 1919. When originally founded in 1844, this Church of England-affiliated organisation was called the Patagonian Mission. This collection reproduces the minute books, reports from the mission field, articles and photographs on the geography, anthropology, natural history and economic development for the society's magazine, launched in 1867, as well as the journals of its Anglican founder, Captain Allen Gardiner, and two others of its missionaries, Edward Bernau and Adolfo Henriksen.


South American missionaries' records, 1844-1919...

Containing 20,426 pages belonging to 71 documents housed in 3 volumes...

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Minutes of General Committee meetings

The title pages of the first four vols. reflect the evolution of the Society's name from its beginning in 1844...

The South American missionary magazine

Covering the period 1867-1919 in 53 volumes, it is described on the title page of vol. 1 as a New...

Journals of missionaries & miscellaneous other documents

This group of documents comprises the surviving journals of A.F. Gardiner, the Society's founder, and of two other missionaries, Adolfo...


  • These records appear to have been designed to be read by interested parties. The magazine articles, missionaries' journals, and extracts of letters in the minute books all provide descriptive reports.
  • The magazine provides regular printed records of events and achievements that the society was eager to share with its supporters. This Anglican society's rivalry with Catholic missionaries is also reported.
  • Most of the journals and other documents relate to the society's founder. A.F. Gardiner. His notes describe his travels across South America and the people he met during these journeys.
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