The Church of England and social change in Manchester, 1635-1928

Ecclesiastical, court and land records in the Manchester Cathedral archives

Ecclesiastical, court and land records in the Manchester Cathedral archives

The Cathedral Church of Manchester has been at the centre of the city of Manchester's history and the Cathedral Archive contains a detailed picture of changing land use in the centre of the world's first industrial city
Christopher HunwicFormer Manchester Cathedral Archivist

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Manchester's development and the nature of marriage, from 1635 to 1928

 This collection contains the parish registers and capitular records of Manchester Cathedral and its predecessor, the Collegiate Church, from 1635 to 1928. The parish registers include records of baptisms, burials, marriages, summary marriages, and banns objections. The capitular records detail the management of Chapter Estates and finances. 

Taken together, they are a useful resource for historians who are interested in studying the social, economic, and spiritual impact of the industrial revolution and other similarly profound historical upheavals. 

Note: This collection is accompanied by an online guide to the collection by Christopher Hunwick, formerly Manchester Cathedral Archivist. 


The Church of England and social change in Manchester, 1635-1928...

Containing 26,047 pages belonging to 16 documents housed in 9 volumes...

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Manor court books for Newton

Comprises the Cathedral's two surviving volumes of manor court books, covering the periods 1775-1837 and 1843-1914. These volumes record the...

Chapter estate records

Includes; title deeds for areas of Deansgate and Kirkmanshulme, an Abstract book of leases, 1672-1869, and a Boundaries Book for...

Annual accounts or statements of receipt and disbursement, 1761-1874

Listing annually the itemised receipts and disbursements of rents, revenues and sums of money, presented for audit during the period...

Estate plans (Newton Heath, Kirkmanshulme, Deansgate)

Three estate plans, showing Newton Heath, Kirkmanshulme and Deansgate, from the latter half of the 19th century and the early...


  • The Manor Court was a lowly local court which could only punish minor offences. The Manor Court books for Newton in Manchester reveal which causes a person could be tried for and which verdicts could be given.
  • Estate plans for Newton Heath, Kirkmanshulme and Deansgate show each house's location. The plans for Newton Heath and Kirkmanshulme date from the 1860s; the Deansgate plan was drawn between 1910 and 1920.
  • The Cathedral held the local baptism, marriage, and burial records during the first half of the 19th century. Those records now form part of this collection, alongside summary marriage registers and banns objections.
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