Medical essays read to the Royal Society in Scotland, 1751-1970

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Dissertations read to the Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh

Dissertations read to the Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh

By antiseptics are meant substances that retard or prevent the progress of putrefaction, or correct it when it has taken place. The process of putrefaction is one of the most important operations in the clionomy of nature
Gilbert Blane, 'Question, what is the nature of Antiseptics, and how do they operate?'. c.1775Dissertations, etc., 1751-1799; Vol. 4; img 220

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See medical arguments for anti-septic use and bacteria existing, from 1751 to 1899

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Founded in 1737, this is the oldest student society of its kind in the United Kingdom, whose members were duty-bound to deliver a dissertation for examination by their peers. This collection comprises over 200 volumes of hand-written dissertations, providing a unique insight into the development in medical teaching and thought during the last 250 years. In subject, the dissertations range from framboesia to fear, from meningitis to mongolism and many represent the earliest original work of famous men of medicine. The linked author index is in two parts: vols. 1-95 (1751-1833), and vols. 96-215 (1834-1968). Scanned from the microfilm of the Royal Medical Society collections in the Edinburgh University Library.


Medical essays read to the Royal Society in Scotland, 1751-1970...

Containing 20,672 pages belonging to 52 documents housed in 4 volumes...

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Dissertations, etc., 1751-1799

These eighteenth-century volumes (vol. 1-42) are mostly arranged in chronological order, bearing a variety of titles, including: Medical news; Medical...

Dissertations, etc., 1800-1899

This second series of dissertations, covering the 19th century, includes topics which demonstrate the influence of developments in other fields...

Comments on the aphorisms of Hippocrates

A late 18th century collection of manuscript comments in Latin, composed and duly signed by members of the Society, on...

Indices to the dissertations

Comprises a keyword-searchable typescript author/title index of the entire collection, as well as images of the Society's handwritten subject index.


  • See how Hippocrates influenced 18th century medical science, through a collection of essays on the aphorisms of Hippocrates.
  • The essays themselves start in 1751 and finish in 1801; the descriptions for each volume list its contents. The indices cover some essays written during the 20th century.
  • Subjects covered by these essays include: pregnancy, treating poisoning, the effects of opium, if mineral waters work, how nutrients are absorbed, the use and abuse of sugar, consumption, and the nature of diabetes.
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