Malawi under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1907-1967

Annual Departmental Reports relating to Nyasaland, 1907-1967

Annual Departmental Reports relating to Nyasaland, 1907-1967

Whereas since 1891, tribes have become much less mobile, small communities and individuals have become increasingly mobile. The modern tendency is for concentrations to take place in the vicinity of European townships and estates
Memorandum on Native Policy in NyasalandAdministration 1931-1963; Native Welfare Committee 1936-1940; img 140

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Watch Malawi separate from Rhodesia and become an independent country

This collection contains annual reports compiled by the British colonial government of Nyasaland (modern day Malawi). The documents cover the period from the dissolution of the Central African Protectorate in 1907 to Malawi’s declaration of independence and beyond. The Annual Departmental Reports provide a unique insight into the colonial administration’s evolving attitude towards native power structures. For convenience, the documents are divided into nine sections. These are Administration, Finance, Judicial and Police, Natural Resources (1), Natural Resources (2), Social Services, Transport and Public Works, Communication and Post Office Savings, and Miscellaneous. 

Note: Further information on the Annual Departmental Reports relating to Nyasaland can be found in the guide to the microfilm edition, written by Dr Robin Palmer.


Malawi under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1907-1967...

Containing 33,155 pages belonging to 44 documents housed in 9 volumes...

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Administration 1931-1963

The content upon Native affairs describes the perceived progress made during each year, in relation to the Government's stated aim...

Finance 1911-1966

These Financial Reports and Statements include commonplace elements such as Revenue, Income, and Expenditure; the main development between the earlier...

Judicial and Police 1917-1964

These reports cover a variety of concerns, including the Judicial, Registrar General, Police, Prisons, and Defence departments. In these areas...

Natural Resources - Arable and Animal Husbandry 1909-1965

The large number of reports which are grouped here rather belie the scarcity and poverty of Nyasaland's natural resources. The...


  • These reports are arranged by the departments which they cover within Malawi. Comparing the data in them shows how each area of government has developed over the years.
  • These papers cover World War One and World War Two as well as the social services in this colony before independence.
  • See how Malawi's services changed after it was forced to join a federation with Zambia and Zimbabwe and how those services changed after Malawi was able to leave that Federation.
  • Annual Departmental Reports differ from Blue Books of Statistics because they include explanations of why the statistics are at the levels recorded.
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