Australia in records from colonial missionaries, 1808-1967

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Australian records in the USPG archive

Australian records in the USPG archive

The Ladies Visiting Committee's in full operation, teaching the women various useful employments for the voyage, and supplying them with the materials proper for each
Rev. William J. Welsh, Feb 1884Rev. J.W. Welsh's report on conditions facing emigrants; imgs 6-7

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The mission to Australia focussed on British deportees and native peoples

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This collection of C series records (C/AUS), along with selected volumes from the series of copies of letters sent and received (CLR & CLS), consists of files relating to the establishment of the Society's activities in the province of the Anglican Church of Australia, and the development of a diocesan organisation to support them. Correspondence was entered into by the SPG, the Colonial Office in London and the ecclesiastical officers in the colonies. The records also include printed reports, annual returns, and financial statements. The main period covered is the mid-nineteenth century, and the bulk of the records document the development of the Church of Australia. The records have been arranged by provincial region and sub-divided by diocese, except for a general group of Colonial Office papers relating to clerical appointments to the dioceses of Australia, which have been denoted by the heading 'GEN'. Though originally separate within the archive of the USPG, the papers and letters concerning Tasmania are included here.


Australia in records from colonial missionaries, 1808-1967...

Containing 19,545 pages belonging to 83 documents housed in 5 volumes...

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C class materials relating to the Anglican province of Australia

C/AUS. Comprises fifteen boxes of unbound documents, subdivided by diocese: Adelaide (C/AUS/ADE); Melbourne (C/AUS/MEB); North Queensland (C/AUS/NQL); Perth (C/AUS/PER); Sydney...

SPG chaplaincy services to emigrants, 1821-1864

C/EMIGRANTS/1. This single-box from the C series with 24 folders containing supplementary material from the mid-19th century, comprising chiefly unbound...

Copies of letters received, 1834-1928

CLR. Comprises thirteen volumes of letters received by the Society and read to the Committee in London, including general correspondence...

Copies of letters sent, 1837-1931

CLS. Comprises ten volumes of letters sent by the Society in London, again including general correspondence for Australian and Tasmanian...


  • The 'Indices to the Australian records in the USPG archive' cover the contents of 'Copies of letters received, 1834-1928' and 'Copies of letters sent, 1837-1931'.
  • The 'SPG chaplaincy services to emigrants, 1821-1864' contains descriptions of the passage to Australia and regulations for chaplains to emigrants.
  • Canadian emigrants are also covered by these papers upon the 'SPG chaplaincy services to emigrants, 1821-1864'.
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