'Black Schools' in Canada, America and the Bahamas, 1645-1900


7 volumes in 'Black Schools' in Canada, America and the Bahamas, 1645-1900

Administrative records and letters of the Associates

BRAY/f These documents include minute books, letter books and account books for the Associates of Dr Bray. The minute books start with discussion of the aims of the associates, including a proposal for 'establishing a charitable colony for the better mainainance of the poor of the city of London' and...

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Printed books in the archive

BRAY/Printed Books These items were intended to be used for religious guidance. The majority of these texts were published between the mid-seventeeth century and the early eighteenth century. Of particular relevance is Bray's 'Bibliotheca Parochialis...' which outlines, in a treatise addressed to 'Henry, Lord Bishop of London', why Dr Bray...

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Rules and reports of the Associates

BRAY/REP. These documents discuss the founding ambitions of the Associates of Dr Bray and the rules of the organisation; through them it is possible to track the development of the Associates and their goals from 1757 to 1900. Points of interest include: a list of lending and parochial libraries founded...

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Correspondence and records for schools in America

BRAY/N.AMERICA. Four boxes of correspondence between those in various locations within America and the Associates. The correspondence covers donations, including the substantial donation from Mr D'Allone, and purchases of land with properties to rent on it. Some items are written to public figures such as Benjamin Franklin and Mayor of...

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