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Correspondence and records concerning the school in the Bahamas

BRAY/BAHAMAS These items focus on the Associates' school at Nassau in New Providence. The correspondence includes that from high-ranking figures such as Lord Dunmore, the Governor of the Bahamas and Archdeacon Jefferson. Subjects discussed include a request for aid, the general progress of the school in regard to its attendance...

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  • Subjects:  Colonial, Missionaries, Bahamian, Colonial, Missionaries, Bahamian
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Correspondence on the establishment of schools in Canada

BRAY/CANADA These documents contain information ranging from the more day-to-day business of which subjects children are taught to the formation of new schools itself. Locals' opinions on the schools and the conditions under which local black people lived are also discussed, as are the repercussions of an outbreak of measles....

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General correspondence and records of the Associates

BRAY/GENERAL With an emphasis on financial matters, these items encompass correspondence with the Charity Commission, opinions on the Catholic Church, details regarding the history of the movement, reviews of libraries and communication with the hierarchy of the church.

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  • Subjects:  Usa, Colonial, Missionaries, Bahamian, Canadian, Usa, Colonial, Missionaries, Bahamian, Canadian
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