Hitler's Army, Nazi Germany at war and the Nuremburg trials, 1925-1956

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Title Hitler's Army, Nazi Germany at war and the Nuremburg trials, 1925-1956
Subject & Keywords Warfare; history; BOAHIST
Description David Irving is a British historian of World War II. He achieved notoriety when he was accused of Holocaust denial, particularly after 1996, following the unsuccessful attempt to clear his name of the charge. The documents in this collection comprise both Irving's personal notes and a significant proportion of the copies of original documents that he used, enabling researchers to draw their own conclusions on two levels: historical and historiographic. First, what does the material tell us about the conduct of the War? Second, to what extent do these documents, combined with other archives known to be accessible at the time Irving wrote Hitler's war, Gšring and other works, betray a manipulation of the available evidence in order to achieve the objective of which this historian stood accused.
ISBN 9781851172511
Contributor Irving, David John Cawdell, 1938-
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Coverage 1925 - 1956
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