British diplomacy with America and Ireland, an Ambassador's letters, 1909-1962

The correspondence of Arthur C. Murray, 3rd Viscount Elibank

The correspondence of Arthur C. Murray, 3rd Viscount Elibank

It sheds light on Anglo-American relations from the First World War to the Second; and it reveals MurrayÕs personal and political relationship with Franklin D. Roosevelt through his Presidency until his death in 1945
Tony McCullocCanterbury Christ Church University

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Watch the development of Britain's relationship with Franklin Roosevelt

A British ambassador to Washington from 1917 until 1918, Arthur C. Murray served as the Assistant Military Attaché to the British Embassy. While Murray worked with Franklin Roosevelt the two men became close friends. They continued writing to each other until Roosevelt's death in 1945. The Murray- Roosevelt letters reveal how the President's foreign policy evolved prior to World War Two. Murray’s early letters cover his involvement in the Irish Home Rule Council. They also include his contact with Woodrow Wilson's key adviser during the Great War, Colonel House. These items refer to the Quarantine speech of 1937 and the Munich settlement of 1938. Murray's other contacts include the President of the Board of Trade during the Great Depression, Walter Runciman; and the Canadian Prime Minister during World War Two, William Lyon Mackenzie King,


British diplomacy with America and Ireland, an Ambassador's letters, 1909-1962...

Containing 3,049 pages belonging to 4 documents housed in 8 volumes...

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Correspondence for 1909-May 1918

This first part shows Murray's involvement in Irish politics and his position as Treasurer of the Home Rule Council. Other...

Correspondence for June-August 1918

Murray's efforts on behalf of Anglo-American relations continued to be the main focus of his correspondence from May to August...

Correspondence for September-December 1918

Events moved quickly at the end of 1918, after the sudden collapse of Germany. Murray's communications to Wiseman were usually...

Correspondence for 1919-1936

Murray was influential in Anglo-American relations for a while after the War. As well as being a Liberal MP and...


  • As an ambassador to the United States during World War One, Murray both liaised directly with the American administration and received information upon them from colleagues in the intelligence service.
  • Murray was also involved in Irish politics in the build-up to the First World War. He served as the treasurer of the Home Rule Council until the war started.
  • Franklin Roosevelt developed a friendship with Murray during his time in the United States. The 1919-1936 correspondence between them covers Roosevelt's bid to become President in 1932.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt would continue to correspond with Murray until his death. The correspondence for 1949-1953 contains the most detailed letters as they discussed Nato and other international issues.
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