South Africa under Apartheid, reports and research by a journalist, 1949-1995

Selected papers from the personal library of Colin Legum, 1949-1995

Selected papers from the personal library of Colin Legum, 1949-1995

The White man cannot bear to be discouraged. The sterility of the Bantu leadership which emanated from Bloemfontein carries within it the seeds of its own destruction
Legum's summary of an article in Die Burger, 19/12/50.Press Digest 1951; img 11

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See Apartheid in South Africa through news reports from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Colin Legum was a South African-born journalist and anti-apartheid activist. This archive collectively brings together a veritable goldmine of material relating to the modern development of South Africa, with particular reference to the anti-apartheid movement. These include cuttings of Legum's own reports and articles in the world press, arranged chronologically from 1936-1987;" documents, papers and memoranda on the growth of the Pan-African Movement since 1952;" resolutions of the Organisation of African Unity and other documents since 1963;" South African press digests from the early years of apartheid, 1949-1972;" Legum's own weekly (and later, fortnightly) newsletter, Third World Reports, 1990-1995, as well as various broadcast talks, journal articles and speeches between the 1940's and 1980's.


South Africa under Apartheid, reports and research by a journalist, 1949-1995...

Containing 27,064 pages belonging to 102 documents housed in 5 volumes...

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Documents, Papers & Memoranda on the Growth of the Pan-African Movement since 1952

A wealth of newspaper cuttings, extracts from journals, pamphlets and typescript material on Pan-African leaders and personalities; Pan-African themes; political...

Resolutions etc of The Organisation of African Unity and Other Documents Since 1963

Printed and typescript material, together with numerous newspaper cuttings and journal articles. The majority of these documents relate to conferences...

South Africa: The Early Years of Apartheid South African Press Digests, 1949-1972

This weekly typed digest summarising all of South Africa's principal newspapers and magazines, seperated by year into documents, was issued...

Colin Legum's Third World Reports 1982-1995

A weekly background news analysis of developments in the Third World and of relations between the major world powers and...


  • These press cuttings cover apartheid in South Africa. They also cover African countries' roads to independence from Sudan to Lesotho, Ethiopia and Burundi, as well as growing co-operation between African countries.
  • The South African Press Digests cover the limitations put on South Africans of non-European descent. From languages they could be taught to jobs they would be barred from and their forced relocation.
  • Later South African Press Digests show a growth of measures affecting only the native population. Native-only taxes are introduced and native public meetings banned. Nelson Mandela's campaigning also features.
  • Legum's Third World Reports cover both African countries and the Middle East. African content includes the overthrow of President Nimeiry of Sudan, civil war in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe becoming a single-party state.
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