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Title The atheist politician and his anti-war daughter: the Bradlaughs, 1833-1948
Subject & Keywords Scottish Independence SNP British Politics National Parliament Party Labour War
Description Bradlaugh was a co-founder of the National Secular Society and Editor of the National Reformer. He is also responsible for the creation of a secular oath for politicians in the 19th century. His fight for the secular oath was made possible by the sustained support of voters in Northampton. Bradlaugh was a keen supporter of Indian Home Rule, and access to birth control, who also helped the Fenians to draft their Manifesto. These papers' main focus is on his fight for a secular parliamentary oath. The battle of the oath continued over five years and four by-elections, before he was sworn-in and took his seat in 1886. These records also include papers from Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner, the only one of Bradlaugh's children to outlive her father. Loyal to her father, she collected records of his work and fought to protect his legacy. Bonner also actively campaigned against the Boer War and the arms race prior to the First World War.
ISBN 9781851172979
Contributor(s) National Secular Society
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Source People & protest in Britain and Abroad, 1800-2000
Language Eng
Rights Digital images © 2014 Microform Academic Publishers, scanned & published with the permission of the National Secular Society. All rights reserved.
Publisher Microform
Coverage 1833-1948
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