World War 1 and the Spanish Civil War: as reported by an Ambassador, 1863-1939

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Title World War 1 and the Spanish Civil War: as reported by an Ambassador, 1863-1939
Subject & Keywords America; Britain; history; diplomacy; warfare; politics; BOAHIST; BOAWAR
Description Esme Howard was one of the greatest British diplomatists in the first half of the twentieth century. A member of the famous Howard family that had played a notable role in British history, Howard's career is significant for its breadth and impact. A colourful figure, he was an adventurous traveler, an overseas entrepreneur, a war hero, in addition to his diplomatic achievements. An intimate of major political figures and members of various royal families, with a wide network of diplomatic friends, he conducted an active correspondence. His papers provide a vivid picture of life in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Britain, as well as providing a rich source of material on the shaping and conduct of British foreign and imperial policy. Howard served in a series of posts of ever increasing significance. In the first part of the century he was the British Consul General on Crete, when the...
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Coverage 1863 - 1939
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