British Parliamentary History, 1102-1803

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Title British Parliamentary History, 1102-1803
Subject & Keywords Parliamentary history; politics & government; Britain
Description For the historian, this collection provides an excellent insight into the history of Parliament and British politics. With excellence in both breadth and depth, the content here assembled provides some of the most significant resources available in British political history. To have coverage of the central political body in English, and British, history from the twelfth century through to the early nineteenth century is of great worth and significance to the student, researcher and historian. We see in these records events which shaped the politics of the British Isles and the lives of the various British peoples. The diaries of Anchitell Grey, as recorded in his <i>Debates of the House of Commons from the year 1667 to the year 1694</i>, are one of the key resources for any discussion on the Exclusion Crisis and Revolution of the late 1680s, while the records of John Almon and William 'Memory' Woodfall provide...
ISBN 9781851173013
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Coverage 1102 - 1803
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