British Parliamentary History, 1102-1803


12 volumes in British Parliamentary History, 1102-1803

Parliamentary History (2nd ed.), 1102-1660

"The Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England; From the earliest Times, to the Restoration of King Charles II."The twenty-fourth volume is a complete index of the previous twenty-three.

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Parliamentary Papers, 1242-1796

Collectively, these volumes consist of a 'Complete Collection of Kings Speeches...From the Restoration in 1660 to the Dissolution of the last Parliament in May, 1796.' 'A Complete and Correct Collection of the Lords Protests, From the Earliest on Record in 1242 to 1796.' 'An Accurate Copy of the Standing Orders...

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Grey's Debates, 1667-1694

"Debates of the House of Commons, From the Year 1667 to the Year 1694. Collected by the Honble Anchitell Grey, Esq..."These ten volumes are regarded as one of the key resources for any discussion on the Exclusion Crisis and Revolution of the late 1680's.

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The Senator (Clarendon), 1790-1793

"The Senator; or, Clarendon's Parliamentary Chronicle. Containing a Weekly Register, Recording with the Strictest Impartiality and utmost Accuracy, the Proceedings and Debates of the Houses of Lords & Commons. Forming a Source of Political Information, Highly Interesting to every British Subject."

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