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Title Conscientious Objection during World War 1
Subject & Keywords Politics Activism War History British Ww1 Women History Unions
Description During World War One, Conscientious Objectors united to oppose the war despite the criticism they faced. Three of these anti-war protest groups included the Conscientious Objector Information Bureau, the Union of Democratic Control, and the No-Conscription Fellowship. The collection includes complete files of key anti-war publications. It also contains rare reports from the Conscientious Objector Information Bureau. The internal papers include minutes from the Union of Democratic Control and letters from the No-Conscription Fellowship. The Fellowship’s most prominent figure, Clifford Allen, wrote a number of these items. Local Fellowship branches in Willesden, Middlesex and in Hyde, Greater Manchester are also covered. The Conscientious Objector, Thomas Henry Ellison, spent much of his time between 1916 and April 1919 in prison. His scrapbook covers both his own experiences and of the experience of the anti-war movement as a whole.
ISBN 9781851173006
Contributor(s) Hull University Archives and others
Type jpg
Source People & Protest in Britain and Abroad, 1800-2000
Language Eng
Rights Images © Microform Academic Publishers, 2014
Publisher Microform Academic Publishers
Coverage 1914-1918
Created On 30th September, 2014 - 12:46pm
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