Independent Labour Party Records, 1893-1960

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Title Independent Labour Party Records, 1893-1960
Subject & Keywords Britain; politics; BOAHIST
Description These records cover the formation and early years of the Independent Labour Party in some detail. They include iconic moments, such as the first Conference in Bradford and the formation of the Labour Representation Committee in 1906. They also reveal the changing aspirations of the Party as it moved from being a hopeful form of protest, to working within a Labour Party that could run the country. One of the more striking elements of these reports is the fact that it was felt necessary to have an Intelligence Department prior to 1905;" embryonic as the venture was then, it was evidently felt that information would be key to its success. War was one of the societal aberrations that the Independent Labour Party found to be the most deplorable; the Boer War and World War One were seen as both needless sources of death for the young and weapons by which...
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Coverage 1893 - 1960
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