Uganda under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1903-1961

Annual departmental reports relating to Uganda, 1903-1961

Annual departmental reports relating to Uganda, 1903-1961

The most exceptional event with which the Force had to deal in the last seven years was the outbreak of rioting and disturbances in connection with the general strike in January, 1945
Uganda Police, Annual Report for 1946Administration, 1909-1961; Police, 1946-1949; img 1

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See how Uganda developed two separate healthcare and legal systems

The colony of Uganda was managed by the government departments who wrote these progress reports. Some reports start in the 1900’s, but most reports cover from the 1920’s until independence. The statistics for Uganda are included in Colonial Africa in official statistics, 1821-1953. These reports explain why those statistics are at the levels recorded. The contents pages at the front of each report list the departments which existed at that time. Comparing the contents pages reveals how the structure of the colonial government changed over time.


Uganda under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1903-1961...

Containing 50,493 pages belonging to 48 documents housed in 9 volumes...

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Administration, 1909-1961

From the early years of the century the native authorities (and the Buganda Government) were responsible for the maintenance of...

Finance, 1929-1962

The Treasury Department Reports and the Credit and Savings Bank records were held within Uganda, whilst the Auditor General and...

Judicial and Police, 1912-1960

The nature of the judicial authority passing judgement in Uganda depended on both the year and the location within Uganda...

Natural Resources, 1903-1961

The development of the natural resources of Uganda,with a view to financial self-sufficiency, was one of the primary concerns of...


  • These reports are arranged by the departments which they cover within Uganda. Comparing the data in these reports shows how each area of government has developed over the years.
  • These papers cover World War One and World War Two as well as the social services in this colony before independence.
  • The first social services reports include details of how the first hospital system developed. The native courts and how they functioned also feature.
  • Annual Departmental Reports differ from Blue Books of Statistics because they include explanations of why the statistics are at the levels recorded.
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