Zimbabwe under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1897-1980

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Title Zimbabwe under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1897-1980
Description The occupation of Southern Rhodesia was first triggered by the discovery of gold in South Africa. When the British South Africa Company's hopes of uncovering gold in Mashonaland were not realised, they attacked and defeated the Ndebele in 1893, then occupied Matabeleland too. The Company's treatment of the native population inspired the Shona and Ndebele Risings of 1896-1897, this rebellion was defeated with great difficulty. After its defeat some more experienced colonial managers were appointed to administrate Rhodesia and those managers initiated the publication of the reports reproduced here. Southern Rhodesia was first formally annexed as a British colony from 1923, Northern Rhodesia became a British Colony in 1924. From 1953 to 1963 Southern Rhodesia was re-united with Northern Rhodesia to form the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The Federal period witnessed considerable white immigration, the white population of Southern Rhodesia trebled between 1945 and 1960;" this increase was actively...
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