The American Revolution from a British Perspective, 1763-1783

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British pamphlets relating to the American Revolution, 1763-1783

British pamphlets relating to the American Revolution, 1763-1783

The importance of these pamphlets has been long appreciated and the richness of their contents suspected but heretofore they have not all been readily accessible and some have been virtually unknown
Colin Bonwick and Thomas R. AdamUniversity of Keele and Brown University, R.I.

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Stories from the American Revolution are revealed in these pamphlets

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This collection includes content written by the Founding Fathers of the United States. These papers also include British Parliamentary debates about how much independence to give to the United States. Other items cover the trials of Americans who were tried for treason, in varying levels of detail. Religion also played a leading role as many sermons took sides in the conflict. Pamphlets about Quebec explore the debate over its government and how this debate affected pre-war relations between Britain and America. The pamphlets are arranged by year, then alphabetically by author or by title when the author is not known.


The American Revolution from a British Perspective, 1763-1783...

Containing 83,627 pages belonging to 93 documents housed in 11 volumes...

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Pamphlets for the Years, 1763-1764

These items cover the rights accorded to the church in 1763, both with regard to the Charter granted to the...

Pamphlets for the Years, 1765-1766

Commencing with a discussion upon taxing the colonies in 1765, these pamphlets these pamphlets then gain an increasing focus upon...

Pamphlets for the Years, 1767-1768

The years 1767 and 1768 see an increased focus on lobbying Britain to change her mind about taxing the U.S....

Pamphlets for the Years, 1769-1770

The focus of the pamphlets published in 1769 is upon the increasingly fragile relationship between Britain and North America. 1770...


  • These pamphlets are accounts of what each author understood to be happening to Britain's relationship with America at that time.
  • The earlier pamphlets discuss the impact of the taxes which had just been imposed on America. Some of these British pamphlets express their own concerns about the level of those taxes.
  • In 1773 to 1774 the pamphlets reflect the strained nature of relations between Britain and America, but there was still hope that they might be restored.
  • The years 1779 to 1780 saw the tone change again, as the authors began to address the fact that Britain was at war rather than in a dispute with America.
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