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Title American records in the House of Lords archive, 1621-1917
Subject & Keywords History War Warfare British Usa French Spanish American Revolution
Description When Professor Walter Minchinton of Exeter University and Peter Harper of Keele, originally listed the contents of this collection in 1983, computers were a truly rare sight and the order of the papers would have needed to be preserved prior to their return. In 2016 the technology available is rather more advanced and we have been able to arrange the digital images of the items thematically, as well as chronologically. This thematic arrangement of the publication uses Minchinton and Harper's 670 page document listing in order to identify common themes amongst the numerous items in the archive. The core themes from this publication include the slave trade, the African Company, American papers with a focus upon the revolution, Canadian papers, British relations with Spain and France, and papers with regard to other countries including Russia, Ireland, Scotland and the Caribbean. Other core themes include the military with emphasis on the Navy; industry, and trade with a focus on customs tariffs. The items are listed first by theme, then sub-category and lastly by year. The item reference numbers correspond to the items' locations within Minchinton and Harper's guide.
ISBN 9781851173167
Contributor Parliamentary Archives, UK
Type jpg
Language eng
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Publisher Microform Academic Publishers
Coverage 1621-1917
Created On 8th March, 2016 - 3:26pm
Last Updated 8th March, 2016 - 3:26pm

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