Slavery: supporters and abolitionists, 1675-1865

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Title Slavery: supporters and abolitionists, 1675-1865
Description This unique publication unites a range of collections upon slavery for the first time. With a focus upon Jamaica and the West Indies, they also cover tensions in the anti-slavery movement as Christians challenged churches on their acceptance of proceeds from slavery; while transatlantic tensions were exacerbated when British protestors criticised slavery in the fledgling United States. These papers' coverage is mainly focussed upon the eighteenth and nineteenth century, a time period over which abolitionist views would grow in prominence and Government views on the practice would change markedly; from <a href="">The papers of Samuel Martin, 1694-1776, relating to Antigua</a> to the <a href="">Ord report on the West Coast of Africa, 1865</a>. The British Government's developing interest in the impact of the slave trade can be seen in both the <a href="">Report of the Commissioners on African Settlements: report on the slave trade, 1811</a> and the <a href="">Report of the...
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Coverage 1675 - 1865
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