Scottish nationalist leaflets, 1844-1973

Pamphlets relating to Scottish Nationalism, 1844-1973

Pamphlets relating to Scottish Nationalism, 1844-1973

The writerÕs personal belief is that members of the Scottish Neutrality League should ask for non-combatant work on behalf of Scotland. Agricultural work is suitable, though...the objector has least opportunity to influence other people
Scottish Neutrality by Archie Lamont, 1950Lamont, Archie, 1933-1954; img 396

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Could Scotland survive on its own? Read nationalist research on how it could.

Many of these pamphlets were printed by the Scottish National Party or the party that it came before it. Authors include Archie Lamont, Hugh Macdiarmid, and William Mitchell. These items contain research and policy proposals for how an independent Scotland might manage financially. They also contain both a pamphlet of nationalist songs and a history of the nationalist movement which was printed in 1853. The idea of using of oil wealth to support an independent Scotland can be traced back to the 1970s. Questions about how the European Union might affect independence also date back to these papers.


Scottish nationalist leaflets, 1844-1973...

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Pamphlets by Author, Making the Argument for Independence, 1847-1972

In combination, these papers commence with the stated claim that Scotland has been subjugated under England, resulting in it being...

Official Publications of the Scottish National Party and Its Predecessor, 1928-1973

Commencing with pamphlets which explain who both the National Party of Scotland and the Scottish National Party are, these publications...

Calls for an Independent Scotland, 1853-1973

With a strong emphasis on visions for Scotland which involve it ceasing to be a part of the union, these...

Visions for the Future of Scotland, 1844-1973

Over the decades, many Scottish authors have explored the question of how an independent Scotland could actually be made to...


  • The pamphlets arranged by author were written by Archie Lamont, Oliver Brown, Robert Gayre, Hugh Macdiarmid, William Mitchell and Douglas Young. Most are written in the latter 19th century and mid-20th century.
  • Visions for the Future of Scotland' explore how an independent Scotland might be able to function, from economics to industry and blueprints for self-government.
  • The 'Official Publications of the Scottish National Party and Its Predecessor' can be compared to reveal the history of nationalist thought. These SNP stances can also be compared to non-Party viewpoints here.
  • The 'Critiques of England…' cover accusations that Scotland is not getting its share of government spending. Other claims include that England and Scotland entered the Union as equals, but that those terms were broken.
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