Kenya under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1907-1964

Annual departmental reports relating to Kenya, 1907-1964

Annual departmental reports relating to Kenya, 1907-1964

The Council of State was created primarily to protect persons of any racial or religious community against the enactment of unfairly discriminatory legislation. It has no power itself to make, amend or annual any law
Annual Report of the Council of State, June - December, 1958Papers from the Governor and Council of State, 1925-1962; img 3

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Watch Kenya's 20th century businesses, police and social services develop

The colony of Kenya was managed by the government departments who wrote these A1:F79 reports. They start when Kenya was a part of the East Africa Colony and continue until independence. The statistics for Kenya are included in Colonial Africa in official statistics, 1821-1953. These reports explain why those statistics are at the levels recorded. The contents pages at the front of each report list the departments which existed at that time. Comparing the contents pages reveals how the structure of the colonial government changed over time.


Kenya under colonial rule, in Government reports, 1907-1964...

Containing 59,806 pages belonging to 72 documents housed in 10 volumes...

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Administration, 1924-1963

These records cover both governor-based colonial rule and government by the Council of State. Their contents contain a clear focus...

Finance, 1910-1964

Assorted estimates of revenue and expenditure, accompanied by audit reports and other records regarding Kenya's public accounts. Financial Reports also...

Police and Judicial, 1918-1963

These items record details of the judicial process in Kenya, from arrest and finger printing, to the courts and prison,...

Natural Resources, 1907-1964

Kenya contains a variety of natural resources, these resources led to the growth of numerous industries within the colony; from...


  • These reports are arranged by the departments which they cover within Kenya. Comparing the data in them shows how each area of government has developed over the years.
  • These papers cover World War One and World War Two as well as the social services in this colony before independence.
  • Kenya left the East Africa Protectorate and became a separate colony in 1920. These reports show what impact that change had on the colony's budgets.
  • Annual Departmental Reports differ from Blue Books of Statistics because they include explanations of why the statistics are at the levels recorded.
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