British Labour Party papers, 1906-1969

Parliamentary Labour Party papers, 1906-1968

Parliamentary Labour Party papers, 1906-1968

Further consideration was given as to the Party's policy on this question and it was Moved: That the Turks he cleared out of Constantinople, and the City and the Straits handed over to the League of Nations
A Special Meeting of the Party, Feb 1920Parliamentary Labour Party Papers, 1920; img 12

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Discover how Labour Party MPs reacted to both world wars and the atom bomb

The Parliamentary Labour Party is the organisation of Labour members of Parliament (MPs) founded in 1906. These papers cover that foundation; then follow the Party through Ramsay MacDonald's Governments, two world wars, the first Harold Wilson Government and the early part of his second Government. The events in these records are a reflection of current events as much as of the Party itself. From the suffrage campaign for the electoral enfranchisement of women, to nuclear tests over the Pacific Ocean, through the Beveridge Report, the Trade Union Bill and the development of the United Nations. Early policies like the minimum wage would not pass for decades and Party discipline would be a challenge for every Party Leader. Those challenges existed alongside the removal of the right for employers to sue trade unions and the creation of social services. These papers have been arranged by year and divided into thematic groups for ease of analysis. Further details of contents accompany these items at group and at document level.


British Labour Party papers, 1906-1969...

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Formation, 1906-1913

These papers cover the formation and early years of the Parliamentary Labour Party, from the first meeting's minutes to the...

The First World War and Bloody Sunday, 1914-1920

From the Party's meeting with a deputation led by Sylvia Pankhurst, to the Great War, decisions upon conscription, and the...

Post-war Years and Turmoil Abroad, 1921-1928

In the aftermath of the First World War, international and colonial relations remained unsettled. From the King officially announcing Ireland's...

The Armament Question, 1928-1937

In the latter 1920's and at a distance from the First World War, the size of the military started to...


  • These papers are mostly minutes; it is the subjects covered in those minutes which make them significant. They start with a record of the meeting which led to the formation of the Party.
  • These items cover World War One and Two, as well as the Cold War. Each war led to its own challenging questions, from whether to fight to whether Britain should have nuclear weapons.
  • Other conflicts ranged from Bloody Sunday itself to colonies' individual fights for independence. The Korean war and the Iraqi coup d'etat also occurred during this time.
  • The invention of the European Union created a great deal of debate. Internal debates also led to concerns about Party discipline.
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