Colonial Law in Africa, 1946-1966

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African Government Gazettes, 1946-1966

African Government Gazettes, 1946-1966

In pursuance of instructions given by Her Majesty to me…I have appointed the following persons to be Ministers…Jomo Kenyatta, Minister of State with responsibility for Constitutional Affairs (in liaison with the Governor’s Office)…
E. N. Griffith-JonesKenya, 1946-1963; Kenya Gazette, 1962; img 214

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These African laws and ordinances cover the Mau Mau uprising & creation of the first legislative councils

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These gazettes contain copies of the laws and ordinances which were introduced in the years they cover. Each item was originally published as the Government Gazette for a colony and year. Their contents include tenders of property, probate records and insolvency notices. This is the third part of the three part series Colonial Law in Africa. These papers cover the Mau Mau uprising, the creation of the first legislative councils and legal changes to transfer power to those councils. These gazettes were published alongside the African Blue Books of Statistics during the 19th and 20th centuries.


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Kenya, 1946-1963

The Mau Mau uprising led to a series of legal changes as the Governor tried to bring an end to the unrest. A number of these changes were introduced as 'Emergency Regulations' in 1953.

Malawi (Nyasaland), 1946-1964

When Malawi was forced into a union with Zambia and Zimbabwe it resulted in riots. The Gazette for the 9th March 1959 includes the ‘Emergency Regulations’ introduced during these riots.

Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia), 1953-1963

Zimbabwe's path to independence led to protest and unrest. The colonial government replied to the unrest with legal changes. James Chikerema, George Nyandoro and Edson Sithole were held under such a change.

Uganda, 1946-1962

The supplement for 1962 contains the 'East Africa (High Commission) (Revocation) Order, 1961'. This order lists the terms under which the Commission passed from the imperial to native control.


  • The gazettes informed colonial officers of events and changes within the colony. The changes mainly concern laws and their results.
  • The gazettes contain indexes at the beginning of each document. The indexes enable the reader to find all content on any subject at a glance.
  • The legal notices relating to people provide insight into cultural norms. These laws cover rights, legal systems and property.
  • A number of these gazettes include supplements. The supplements provide detailed copies of laws that are only named in the notices.
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