The British Union of Fascists : newspapers and secret files, 1933-1951

Fascism in Britain 1933-1951

Fascism in Britain 1933-1951

British fascism dispels the myth that this has always been a tolerant and consensual society. The material here will be an invaluable record for all who want to understand Britain's hidden history of political violence
David RentoMember of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, he has lectured at three universities.

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See how fascism became a real force in British politics before World War 2

These papers cover the growth of the British Union of Fascists and the impact of World War 2 upon them. The documents include both their official publications and the imprisonment of their leader Oswald Mosley. The pre-war fascist newspapers include Fascist week, The Blackshirt and The East London Pioneer. Action was published from February 1936 until June 1940, by which point a growing number of the BUF were interned. Sir Oswald and Lady Diane Mosley’s imprisonment caused much debate. These papers include government records of why they were arrested and Oswald Mosley’s time in prison. Other items include official intelligence reports upon both Mosleys.


The British Union of Fascists : newspapers and secret files, 1933-1951...

Containing 13,847 pages belonging to 25 documents housed in 10 volumes...

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Miscellaneous papers on Mosley's release

Contains files selected from the following series:CAB 127: Cabinet Office: Private Collections of Ministers' and Officials' Papers: Sir Edward Bridges;HO...

Prison Dept.: registered papers (Series 2)

PCOM 9: Prison Commission and Home Office

Right-wing extremists: Sir Oswald Mosley/Lady Mosley

KV2: Security Service : personal files (PF series). Arranged in date order, the documents in files KV2/884-KV2/897 relate to Sir...

WAR: Defence Regulation 18B detainee: MOSLEY, Sir Oswald

HO 45 Home Office : registered papers, comprising: HO 45/24891: Action leading up to Detention Order no. 824,545/103. - HO...


  • The newspapers in this collection all use similar tactics to convince people that fascism was the only answer to their problems. By analysing them, the reader can see the tactics enabled these fascists to gain a following.
  • The miscellaneous papers of BUF members include letters written by and on behalf of interned British fascists during World War Two.
  • The imprisonment of the BUF's leader, Oswald Moseley, is covered here in detail. These papers include both the government's records on why he was held and the notes taken at his internment hearing.
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