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Title An account of two missionary voyages
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Coverage 1745-1758
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Description Rev. Thomas Thompson MA (1708?-1773) was the instigator of the SPG mission to the Gold Coast, now Ghana. Between 1740 and 1750 he served as a missionary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel at Monmouth County in New Jersey. He became interested in the negroes (presumably the slaves of the American colonists who formed his congregation) and succeeded in instructing some of them in the Christian faith and baptising them into the Church. In 1750 he wrote to the S.P.G. in London, saying that he had now "a mind to go serve his great Master in Guinea." He asked the Society to continue his salary, giving him the title of their Missionary, a request to which they agreed. Thompson sailed from New York in 1751, and by May 1752 was settled at the English trading and slaving castle at Cape Coast, in what is now Ghana. Here, he served the garrison and traders as chaplain and attempted some missionary work among the local people, starting a small school in the Castle.Thompson, like nearly all the early missionaries on the west coast of Africa, never enjoyed good health whilst residing there, and seems to have realised very early that foreigners would never be the best missionary agents in that region. He formulated a scheme for sending some of his brighter pupils to England for further education, and the S.P.G. agreed (19 January, 1753) to empower him to send "to the Number of 6 Negroe children, not exceeding ten years of age, to be maintained and educated at the Expense of the Society." In June 1754, Thompson sent to England three boys (including Philip Quaque), all related to "men of figure in the town" of Cape Coast, and in 1756, after an almost fatal illress, he himself returned home.We are largely dependent on Thompson's journal for details of his dealings with the Society and about his experiences in America and Africa, as his letters have apparently disappeared. This is a facsimile the 1758 London edition, the full title of which is: An account of two missionary voyages by the appointment of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts : the one to New Jersey in North America, the other from America to the Coast of Guiney [i.e. Guinea].
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