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Coverage 1905-1910
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Description MS. 12676: Summary of the principal events and measures during the viceroyalty of the 4th Earl of Minto, 1905-1910. MS. 12677: (i) Annual summaries of the 4th Earl of Minto's administration, Department of Military Supply, 1905-Jun 1908; (ii) Annual summaries of the principal events and measures, June 1906-May 1909; (iii) Imperial Gazetteer, India, vol. iv, chap. xi, Army, 1905; (iv) Notes on establishments, 1907; (v) Progress report, no. 3, on the preparation of the army in India for war, and the redistribution scheme, 1908; (vi) Annual report on Imperial Service Troops, 1909-1910; (vii) Explanatory note by the Chief of Staff on the formation of a General Staff in India, 1910; (viii) Memorandum on the Indian contribution to the cost of her naval defence, 1907. MS. 12678: (i) Correspondence and papers, including copies of earlier material, relating to the reorganisation of army administration, 1905; (ii) Memorandum by Lord Kitchener, 1906, concerning army reforms, an answer to the article by John and Richard Strachey, 'Playing with fire: Mr. Brodrick and Lord Curzon', National Review, vol. xlvi, 1905-1906, pp. 593-620; (iii) Miscellaneous papers connected with the reform of army administration in India, 1906; (iv) Memoranda on the financial and personnel effects of the abolition of the Department of Military Supply, 1909-1910; (v) Memorandum, possibly by Sir James Dunlop Smith, c.1916, concerning the army reforms of 1906. MS. 12679: (i) Correspondence and papers concerning army commissions for Indians, 1909-1912; (ii) Papers concerning rumours of a mutiny, 1900; (iii) Memorandum concerning a meeting of Lieutenant-Generals, 1905; (iv) Note of a redistribution scheme for garrisons, n.d.; (v) Correspondence and papers on prostitution in the army cantonments, 1907; (vi) Report of the subcommittee of the Imperial Defence Committee, on the military requirements of the Empire for the defence of the North-West Frontier, 1907; (vii) Return of the strength of the army, European and Indian, 1908; (viii) Memorandum on the duties of a general staff, 1907; (ix) Papers and correspondence relating to Indian officers, and to relations between Indian and British troops, 1907; (x) Memorandum on the capitation rate for the army of India, 1908; (xi) Report on the volunteer force in India, 1909; (xii) Miscellaneous papers on cavalry school, 1909, and on Indian Army law amendment, 1910; a map of the roads between Siliguri and Gyangtse by Douglas Haig, n.d.; and a memorandum on the strength of local land forces in the British dominions overseas excluding India, 1905.
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