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Title The Army List of 1778
Contributor The Royal Artillery Insititution, Woolwich
Coverage 1778-1778
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Description 'By Permission of the Right Honourable, The Secretary at War. A List of the General and Field-Officers, As they Rank in the Army; Of the Officers, in the Several Regiments of Horse, Dragoons, and Foot, on the British and Irish Establishments. (To which is now added, an Alphabetical Index), The Royal Regiment of Artillery, and Corps of Engineers, the Irish Artillery and Engineers, and the Marines, on Full, and Half Pay. With The Dates of their Commissions, as they Rank in each Corps and in the Army. The Governors, Lieutenant-Governors, &c. of His Majesty's Garrisons at Home and Abroad, with their Allowances. All the Officers on Half Pay, And A succession of Colonels, With the Uniforms to each Regiment, from the new Order for Clothing, &c. MDCCLXXVIII'.
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Rights Digital images © 2014 Microform Academic Publishers, scanned & published with the permission of The Royal Artillery Insititution. All rights reserved.
Source The Army Lists, 1770-1779
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