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Title Misc papers, 1692-1837
Contributor Bodleian Library, British Library, and others
Coverage 1692-1837
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Description Contents include three separate small bundles containing: 1) papers relating to the Dickinsons claims on the Gale family in respect of their interests in Jamaican property arising originally from the will of Jonathan Dickinson, 1716-60; 2) estimates of the valuation of the Dickinson estates, 1760, 1764 and 1766 and invoices of goods shipped out, 1798; 3) accounts rendered between the Dickinson brothers, 1757-71 (giving little detail and no trading accounts). Also, the assignment of a burgage in North Street, Somerton, to Robert Prankard, maltster. Miscellaneous papers found together, largely 1804-05, include correspondence from attorneys, sugar shipments, lists of negroes and livestock, and plantation accounts but with a few earlier documents: abstract of title to Montpellier plantation in St James, 1774; copy conveyance of shares in plantations by John Gale, 1757; numbers of slaves 'exported' from the Gold Coast, 1758-68; lists of slaves on the Dickinson plantation, 1768; and a copy petition of the free coloured people to the Assembly of Jamaica, 1792 (an item deriving from the Fuller family). These papers conclude with an abstract of correspondence and other transactions on behalf of Ezekiel and Caleb Dickinson, relating to the fraudulent lease of plantations; notes of lands sold, 1778; oustanding debts, 1794-1800; invoices of goods shipped out, 1798; lists of slaves and livestock, 1827 and 1828; plantation and sales accounts, 1833; and draft power of attorney papers to set certain slaves free, nd, c 1810.
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Source Records from the Slavery Business, 1692-1849
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