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Running the West Indies, 1678-1950

Running the West Indies:British Records from West Indian Countries under Colonial Rule, 1678-1950 Trial Series

What's Inside



See narrative accounts from missionaries combine with colonial statistics to create a picture of these former colonies' development. Learn how owners of an Antiguan sugar plantation adapted to emancipation, and witness the nature of missionaries' roles in the slave trade. Together, these collections reveal how governments, slave owners and missionaries shaped the development of these countries over three centuries.

Dates Covered



  • Bodleian Library
  • British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
  • National Library of Scotland
  • Public Record Office, London
  • Somerset Record Office
  • Surrey History Centre


Licensed to access Antigua, Slavery and Emancipation in the Records of a Sugar Plantation, 1689-1907

Contributor Somerset Record Office Contents 6 Volumes, 232 Documents (25,432 Pages)
This collection contains records pertaining to the Tudway family’s ownership of an Antiguan sugar plantation during the 17th, 18th, and...

Licensed to access Caribbean Colonial Statistics from the British Empire, 1824-1950

Contributor British Foreign & Commonwealth Office Contents 21 Volumes, 319 Documents (188,844 Pages)
The British colonised parts of the Caribbean between the seventeenth and mid-twentieth century, with some still remaining today. The United...

Licensed to access Power and Profit: British Colonial Trade in America and the Caribbean, 1678-1825

Contributor Public Record Office, London Contents 5 Volumes, 40 Documents (22,582 Pages)
This collection is composed of British Naval Office shipping lists between the years of 1678 and 1825. These 150 years...

Licensed to access Scottish Trade with Africa and the West Indies in the Early 18th century, 1694-1709

Contributor National Library of Scotland Contents 8 Volumes, 76 Documents (10,219 Pages)
This collection contains the financial and administrative records of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies (also...

Licensed to access Slavery, Exploitation and Trade in the West Indies, 1759-1832

Contributor Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru Contents 4 Volumes, 91 Documents (9,742 Pages)
During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Jamaica was the largest and most profitable island in Britain's West Indian plantation economy....

Licensed to access Slavery in Jamaica, Records from a Family of Slave Owners, 1686-1860

Contributor Surrey History Centre Contents 6 Volumes, 74 Documents (6,139 Pages)
This collection contains records from the Surrey History Centre detailing the Goulburn family’s longstanding ownership of the Amity Hall plantation...

Licensed to access The West Indies in Records from Colonial Missionaries, 1704-1950

Contributor Bodleian Library Contents 7 Volumes, 107 Documents (39,014 Pages)
The West Indies in Records from Colonial Missionaries, 1704-1950 was curated in association with the Bodleian Library. This collection contains records...
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