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British Communism at Home and Abroad

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Image of the Karl Marx statue in Chemnitz, Germany, set against a cloudy sky
The Archives of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) Trial Series

What's Inside



Communism was one of the defining political and economic ideologies of the 20th century. This series charts its rise and fall through the eyes of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), allowing scholars to study how communist leaders and activists tried to influence, and were in turn influenced by, events and opinion both at home and abroad. 

According to Professor Kevin Morgan of the University of Manchester, the party's archive is "one of the outstanding national collections for the political history of the British left." 

For the period from the 1940s, records of the party's central leading bodies have been meticulously preserved and include notes taken at meetings by leading party officials. In addition there are extensive records of central departments such as the Industrial Department, which dealt with the trade union activities, and the International Department, which maintained links with communist parties overseas.

Dates Covered



  • The Communist Heritage Trust


Worker and Kolkhoz Woman monument, Moscow, modern-day Russia

Licensed to access Communisms and the Cold War, 1944-1986

Records of the Communist Party of Great Britain's International Department, International Committee, and external relations
This collection contains reports and other records compiled by the...
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