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Jisc Group Purchasing Scheme

What's Inside



British Online Archives offers a unique opportunity for JISC member institutions to make significant savings on twenty of its most popular primary source collections. This will allow students and researchers to benefit from expanded access to primary resources, helping them gain a greater understanding of their chosen subjects. 

Our collections cover a diverse range of subjects and time periods ranging from colonialism and the world wars to political activism and military intelligence. Collections made available on the framework have been selected based on their relevance to subjects and course modules currently being taught and researched in British universities. All are multi-disciplinary. 

The main ethos of the purchasing scheme is simple: the more you buy, the more you could save.

Dates Covered



  • Archive Trust of the Communist Party of Great Britain
  • BBC Written Archives Centre
  • British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Hull University Archives
  • Imperial War Museum
  • India Office Library
  • Institute for Commonwealth Studies, Senate House
  • Labour History Archive and Study Centre
  • Parliamentary Archives, UK
  • The British Library
  • The National Archives
  • The National Archives (UK); The British Library
  • University of Warwick. Modern Records Centre


Licensed to access American Records in the House of Lords Archive, 1621-1917

American papers in the House of Lords Record Office, 1621-1917
This collection from the House of Lords Record Office contains...

Licensed to access Apartheid Through the Eyes of South African Political Parties, 1948-1994

Trace the evolution and decline of white minority rule in South Africa
Apartheid was a system of white minority rule that prevailed...

Licensed to access BBC Handbooks, Annual Reports and Accounts, 1927-2002

British Broadcasting Corporation, 1927-2002
This collection contains handbooks, annual reports and accounts published by...

Licensed to access BBC Listener Research Department Reports, 1937-c.1950

BBC Listener Research Department, 1937-c.1950
This collection contains Audience Research Reports compiled by the British...

Licensed to access British Labour Party Papers, 1906-1969

Parliamentary Labour Party papers, 1906-1969
The Labour Party was founded in 1900 to represent the...

Licensed to access British Officers' Diaries from World War 1, 1914-1919

War diaries from the Imperial War Museum : the Great War
The First World War involved soldiers of different ranks as...

Licensed to access The British Union of Fascists: Newspapers and Secret Files, 1933-1951

Fascism, national socialism, and anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom
Part of British Online Archives' Politics and Protest series, the resources...

Licensed to access Colonial Africa in Official Statistics, 1821-1953

African Blue Books, 1821-1953
The late nineteenth century 'Scramble for Africa' saw European colonial...

Licensed to access Colonial Law in Africa, 1920-1945

African Government Gazettes, 1920-1945
Originally known as the 'Government Gazettes', each item contains the...

Licensed to access Colonial Law in Africa, 1946-1966

African Government Gazettes, 1946-1966
These gazettes contain copies of the laws and ordinances which...
Worker and Kolkhoz Woman monument, Moscow, modern-day Russia

Licensed to access Communisms and the Cold War, 1944-1986

Records of the Communist Party of Great Britain's International Department, International Committee, and external relations
This collection contains reports and other records compiled by the...
Representatives from the Soviet Union, UK and US at the 1945 Potsdam Conference in Potsdam, Germany.

Licensed to access Establishing the Post-War International Order, 1944-1961

Global governance, geopolitics, and international political economy during the early Cold War
This collection, curated in association with the National Archives (UK),...

Licensed to access Life under Nazi Rule: Reports by Anti-Fascists in Occupied Europe, 1933-1945

Anti-fascist publications of the International Transport Workers' Federation, 1933-1945
This collection contains two newsletters published by the Internationale Transportarbeiter-Föderation/International...

Licensed to access The Middle East, its Division into Countries and the Creation of Israel, 1879-1919

The papers of Sir Mark Sykes, 1879-1919 : the Sykes-Picot Agreement & the Middle East
This collection is drawn from the personal papers of Mark...

Licensed to access Military Intelligence Files: Land, Sea & Air, 1938-1974

Second World War and Cold War intelligence reports from the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force
Part of British Online Archives's wide-ranging World Wars series, the...

Licensed to access Paris Peace Conference and Beyond, 1919-1939

Peace making and the aftermath of the First World War
The Paris Peace Conference was a meeting of Allied diplomats...

Licensed to access Prosecuting the Holocaust: British Investigations into Nazi Crimes, 1944-1949

Testimony of and interviews with victims and alleged perpetrators
During the Second World War, the Nazi state was responsible...

Licensed to access Secrecy, Sabotage, and Aiding the Resistance: How Anglo-American Cooperation Shaped World War II

US-UK diplomacy, intelligence sharing, and sabotage operations in enemy territory, 1939-1954
When the British and American security services went to war...
First Lady Florence Harding with Girl Scouts at White House, Washington DC, April 1922.

Licensed to access Transatlantic Civil Society in Periodicals, 1768-1925

From the colonial period to the Roaring Twenties
This collection contains a series of American journals, magazines, and...

Licensed to access World News in Indian Newspapers, 1782-1908

Reports from The India Gazette, The Bengal Hurkaru and Chronicle, and The Bengal Times
Part of our wide-ranging Power and Preachers series, this collection...
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