• How does British Online Archives implement full-text search?

    When you perform a search, your query is applied across all four levels of a given resource: collection, volume, document and page. Once your search request has been performed, a relevance score calculates against each collection or document. This will determine the most relevant match for the query.

  • Are there structured search options?

    Yes. On the search results page, on the left-hand side you will find a list of filters that can be applied to refine your search. These range from particular keyword subjects and countries to specific collection titles.

  • Is there an advanced search feature?

    Yes. The advanced search page can be found here. For help on using advanced search, please refer to our advanced search guide and video walkthrough.

  • Do you support operators when full-text searching?

    Yes. We support various operators to help you refine and tailor your search to find the content you are looking for. A short-hand list of available operators can be found here.

  • Can I perform a ‘wildcard’ search?

    Yes. To perform a wildcard search, you simply need to an asterisk (*) directly after a stemmed word. For example, mis* would match ‘mission’, ‘missile’, ‘miscellaneous’ etc.

  • How so I perform an exact search?

    Also known as phrase matching, an exact search can be produced by wrapping a search query in speech/double quotation marks, for example “international conflict”. Exact phrase matching does exactly that. We do not match any other search terms even if they are related.

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