Negative Scanning  

Can negative films undergo scanning?

    20th December, 2017

Here at Microform, we scan and preserve a range of documents including books, magazines, newspapers, and images. One of the other materials that we happen to scan is negative films. Whether you’re a business looking to archive important parts of your history, or merely an individual looking to preserve precious … Read More

Public Sector Scanning  

What we offer the public sector

    10th December, 2017

With a wide range of services on offer, we are able to provide bespoke services to the public sector throughout the UK. Including schools, colleges, libraries, councils, hospitals, and museums, … Read More

GDPR and Document storage  

Does your business need data archiving?

    30th November, 2017

Here at Microform, we help businesses, organisations, and institutions with their data archiving needs. Whether transitioning files and reports across to microfilm, or creating digital copies of whole archives, Microform … Read More

OCR and Dentists  

OCR scanning for dentists

 20th October, 2017

Here at Microform, one of our many services is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning, a type of scanning that can be utilised by an array … Read More

Large Format Scanning  

All about large format scanning

 10th October, 2017

A service utilised by agencies and businesses throughout the UK, large format scanning is one of our primary offerings. Whether you’re in construction, engineering, or … Read More