Microform is part of the Huddersfield Hundred

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Microform is part of the Huddersfield Hundred

Why Microform chose to support Huddersfield Town


Microform’s decision to support Huddersfield Town was not a difficult one. Especially for one of our directors whose passion for the club was very easy for others to catch. Convincing Neil Bowker to go to a match was no more difficult than convincing a chocoholic to go to Cadbury World.

Not only is Neil a keen fan himself, but he also enjoys attending matches with his children…

What does it mean to be a partner

Being a partner enables Microform to meet other local businesses through the Huddersfield Hundred scheme. This means that local businesses can support each other to strengthen the local economy.


The most important thing for most fans probably isn’t our specialist document scanning services.These are probably of more interest to businesses with a lot of paper records that are making their jobs more difficult. What most fans probably care about is the football, and we’ll see you at the game