What is 360° imaging?

Although document scanning and microfilming is a major part of who we are, quite recently Microform has started on a new venture that is 360° imaging, which is a revolutionary way of scanning objects that are not paper based.

With this new technology, we can work with universities, museums, private archives, and research facilities to record in incredible detail, the physical properties of artefacts, medals, trophies, models, and more.

What kind of organisations require 360° imaging?

Over the past few years we have worked with a wide range of businesses and organisations that require our 360° images.

From niche jewellery boutiques, who can then send imagery to specialist auction houses, to museums, who want to show their pieces to the general public, almost any kind of business or public organisation might find the need for 360° imaging.

May an individual use the service?

On a number of occasions we have had individuals use our imaging service for objects that they want to preserve or share with others when mailing or simple photography will not benefit their needs.

Like many of our services, we cater to the need of all our clients according to their requirements and are more than happy to work on personal or private projects.

What are the advantages of 360° imaging?

Quite simply, whether you are an educational or public institution looking to photograph artefacts, or a shop hoping to produce digital examples of products, 360° imaging allows people to view highly detailed photographs of objects from every angle.

This means that organisations can display prized or rare objects without risking their physical safety.

How can I arrange objects to be photographed?

As with many of our services, we can arrange for delicate, rare, or valuable objects to be picked up in our marked Microform vans.

These vans are specially tracked by Microform and clients can also monitor the progress of their objects as they are delivered to and from our studios.

Of course, as our services are largely bespoke, this also means that depending on the situation, we can arrange for objects to undergo 360° imagining within the premises of where they are stored and kept.

How would I receive my images?

Like other forms of imaging, 360° images can be delivered physically, either via a hard drive or memory stick, or can be transferred onto our cloud management system and embedded into any website using a code snippet much like embedding a Youtube video.

How can I ensure that my images are safe?

One of the many advantages of our cloud management system is that it offers a high level of security from a wide range of issues.

What is 360° imaging?
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