Microform Academic Publishers

preserving Britain's archival heritage through online and microfilm publishing

From its roots established in 1956, Microform Academic Publishers' experience in preserving Britain's archival heritage continues to grow. The latest expression of this enduring tradition has been the launch of British Online Archives, their online gateway to providing scholars of history worldwide with remote access to core primary source materials, selected examples of which are freely accessible. However, our commitment to preservation microfilm as a publishing medium has not waned, as the recent appearance of the major new microfilm series entitled Records of the Raj shows.

Indeed, almost all the 3,000 microfilm and microfiche titles produced since the middle of last century remain in print, including the prestigious, long-running series British records relating to America in microform (BRRAM), published under the auspices of the British Association for American Studies (BAAS). Other significant contributions to historical scholarship include Government publications relating to African countries prior to independence, supplemented by Annual departmental reports relating to African countries prior to independence, both of which series were launched under the auspices of African Studies Association of the United Kingdom (ASAUK) with Neville Rubin as founding General Editor. More recent series include: Fascism and reactions to fascism in Britain (1918-1989) and Records of the Raj. Also available are many titles of the former Altair Publishing, notably the Political party, trade union and pressure group materials from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies.

After more than fifty years, our intention remains to make primary sources, wherever possible in their entirety, available to researchers for the purpose of academic study across many disciplines in humanities and social sciences. Our large and diverse catalogue includes particular strengths in: the exploration and colonisation of Africa; Asian studies; city directories (London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Liverpool); the history and politics of the labour and trade union movement; missionary archives, most notably the records of the USPG; the infamous Triangular Trade and slavery, transatlantic shipping records; the West Indies and North America; minutes of political parties; annual reports of national institutions; official government publications; commercial archives relating to the Industrial Revolution; the papers of kings, ministers, viceroys and other individuals prominent in the history of Britain and its Empire during the modern era; naval records. In addition we hold negatives of over 350 historical and current newspapers, including such journals of record in the UK as The Observer together with an index, The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, the Yorkshire Post, and we can also supply The Straits Times and other Singapore newspapers in Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil. We also publish materials from stately homes, notably Holkham Hall in Norfolk, and Longleat House, as well as the Stuart papers and other important collections from the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle.

To draw on our experience of archival publishing, or if, as an academic or as a librarian or archivist with responsibility for the preservation of special collections throughout Great Britain, you have a new publication project to propose, please contact the Editor.