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3,694,488 records covering 1000 years of world history: from politics & warfare, to slavery & revolution

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31st July 2019 in Articles

In Conversation With...Stephen M. Walt

Stephen M. Walt is a distinguished academic who writes about international relations theory, grand strategy, and American foreign policy. He obtained...

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16th July 2019 in Articles

Stranger Things, Nostalgia and Unintentional Meaning

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS You've got to hand it to the producers of Stranger Things for using the same deus ex...

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10th July 2019 in Articles

The Radical Romanticism of Piracy

In Western popular culture, pirates have emerged as dashing heroic figures.Despite the fact that, on the periphery, most people are...

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The West Indies: slavery, plantations and trade, 1759-1832

1759   1823
Nathaniel Phillips owned several slave plantations in Jamaica during the 18th and 19th centuries. This collection contains business records, legal documents, and correspondence relating to his activities in the West Indies.Considered together, the documents represent an important resource for students who are interested in the social and economic history of the transatlantic slave trade. Note: This collection is accompanied by an online guide written by Professor Kenneth Morgan. 
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Home to over seventy digitised primary source collections, BOA continues to dedicate itself to teaching and research within the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our globally-related collections, ranging from colonial, missionary and transatlantic relations to twentieth century political and social development, cover one thousand years of world history...

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