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Over 3 million records covering 1000 years of world history: from politics & warfare, to slavery & revolution

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20th March 2017 in Guides

European settler agriculture and exploitation of local labour in colonial Africa

To what extent did the establishment and growth of European settler agriculture depend on repressive colonial policies that allowed the...

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10th March 2017 in Guides

African Blue Books, 1821-1953

I am working on a labor-intensive project entitled, Transatlantic Slaving and Socioeconomic Development in the Atlantic World: Western Africa, 1450-1900....

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Colonial Africa in official statistics, 1821-1953

1821   1953

These statistics cover the history of thirteen colonies across Africa. The date range of statistics for each colony depends on who ran it at the time. Most colonial statistics cover that colony's funds, its population and the names of its officers. Details of which countries each colony was trading with and what they bought or sold were recorded in these books. Public services which were run by the British colonies are also covered by these records. The statistics for Africa told the Colonial Office how the British Empire was performing as a business. Some topics in these books only appear in a few issues: population numbers for slaves would be recorded until the abolition of slavery. However, military spending would...

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