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collection Series List

Licensed to access American Studies: From the Colonies to the Atom Bomb

14 Collections
These collections cover both the United States and Canada.

Licensed to access British Broadcasting Corporation, 1927-2002

2 Collections
Learn how broadcast listener expectations changed and viewer expectations developed in the United Kingdom during the 20th century.

Licensed to access The British Industrial Revolution: Mills and Education

10 Collections
This series unites collections that cover different aspects of the industrial revolution.
Image of the Karl Marx statue in Chemnitz, Germany, set against a cloudy sky

Licensed to access British Communism at Home and Abroad

1 Collections
Communism was one of the defining political and economic ideologies of the 20th century.

Licensed to access Global Governance in the 20th Century

3 Collections
Global governance refers to a norms and rule-based order that is regulated and enforced through multilateral institutions at a transnational level.

Licensed to access Governing Africa: British Records from African Countries under Colonial Rule

14 Collections
Governing Africa contains primary source documents mostly derived from a series of annual reports and accounts sent to the British Government by its colonial administrations in Africa.

Licensed to access Politics and Protest: From Major Party Politics to Popular Protest and Parliamentary History

12 Collections
Politics and Protest provides students and researchers with a sweeping overview of British political history from the pre-Hansard era to the late-twentieth century.

Licensed to access Power and Preachers: India under Colonial Rule

6 Collections
Power and Preachers comprises 5 diverse primary source collections which detail the political, economic, and spiritual realities of British colonial rule in India.

Licensed to access Representing Britain: International Relations and Diplomacy

6 Collections
The diplomatic collections in this series cover World War 1 and the Spanish Civil War.

Licensed to access Running the West Indies: British Records from West Indian Countries under Colonial Rule

7 Collections
See narrative accounts from missionaries combine with colonial statistics to create a picture of these former colonies' development.

Licensed to access Spreading the Word: British Missionary Work around the World, 1808-1967

16 Collections
The correspondence and papers of these missionary societies cover work within North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australasia.

Licensed to access The Trade in People: The Slave Trade in Africa and the West Indies

8 Collections
Follow the slave trade from Africa and America to Britain through these records.

Licensed to access The World Wars: Firepower and Fascism at Home and Abroad

11 Collections
The World Wars comprises 11 unique primary source collections, including materials as diverse as official government reports, periodical literature, and soldiers’ diaries.
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