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Marc 21

Microform Academic Publishers can now offer Librarians the opportunity to download MARC 21 records for each of our series' and collections added up to April 2017.

Simply click on the relevant World Cat link to obtain the necessary information. Any collections and series' added after April 2017 will have records created on a rolling annual basis.

Title Cataloguing Number World Cat
African Blue Books, 1821-1953 OCLC#865018566 View
American material from the Tarleton papers OCLC#846794485 View
American material in the archives of the USPG, 1635-1812 OCLC#846794685 View
American Prisoners of War, 1812-1815 OCLC#900481931 View
Annual Departmental Reports relating to the Gambia, 1881-1966 OCLC#900481822 View
Annual British Army Lists, 1740-1784 OCLC#900481991 View
Anti-fascist newsletters of the International Transport Workers' Federation OCLC#859602134 View
Australian records in the USPG archive OCLC#783075029 View
BBC handbooks, annual reports and accounts, 1927-2001/2 OCLC#859601780 View
BBC Listener Research Department, 1937-c.1950 OCLC#859601660 View
Bolton's textile industry, 18th-19th century: manufacture, trade and politics OCLC#859601833 View
Bristol Presentments, 1770-1917 OCLC#887880131 View
British Online Archives (multi-source archive) OCLC#500635555 View
Bryant & May Matchwomens Strike, 1888 OCLC#900481992 View
Canadian Records in the USPG Archive, 1722-1952 OCLC#911290085 View
Collected papers of the Bolton-Whitman Fellowship OCLC#857287061 View
Communist Party of Great Britain archive (multi-source archive) OCLC#839405745 View
David Irving's private research collection OCLC#859601794 View
Dissertations read to the Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh OCLC#859601858 View
Early colonial and missionary records from West Africa OCLC#857283057 View
Ecclesiastical, court and land records in the Manchester Cathedral archives OCLC#859601887 View
Glasgow Women's Suffrage Movement, 1902-193 OCLC#900480557 View
Gold Coast records from the archives of the USPG, 1886-1951 OCLC#859601886 View
Jamaican material in the Slebech papers OCLC#848011269 View
Journal, annual sermons and reports of the SPG, 1701-1870 OCLC#848009682 View
Liverpool Customs Bills of Entry, 1820-1900 OCLC#881345552 View
Liverpool street and trade directories, 1766-1900 OCLC#848009677 View
New Zealand & Polynesian records in the USPG archive OCLC#783077589 View
Papers of Charles Bradlaugh OCLC#887880260 View
Papers of Sir Esme Howard, 1863-1939 OCLC#892897646 View
Papers of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, 1694-1709 OCLC#857287106 View
Papers relating to the Jamaican estates of the Goulburn family of Betchworth House OCLC#847796364 View
Parliamentary Labour Party papers, 1968/69-1993/94 OCLC#859601876 View
Pre-Hansard parliamentary reports, 1102-1803 OCLC#905561556 View
Records of the Committee on Women's Work, 1861 - 1967 OCLC#881381191 View
Records relating to the slave trade at the Liverpool Record Office OCLC#857289205 View
Selected papers from the personal library of Colin Legum, 1919-2003 OCLC#870665368 View
Spenser Wilkinson papers, 1881-1935 OCLC#871321612 View
South African archives of the USPG OCLC#875641962 View
South American Missionary Society records, 1844-1919 OCLC#848011089 View
South Asian records of the USPG OCLC#781286733 View
The archives of the Associates of Dr Bray to 1900 OCLC#847999750 View
The British Union of Fascists: newspapers and secret files OCLC#859602088 View
The Canadian papers of the 4th Earl of Minto OCLC#857287044 View
The correspondence of Arthur C. Murray, 3rd Viscount Elibank OCLC#859601589 View
The Indian papers of Colonel Clive and Brigadier-General Carnac, 1752-1774 OCLC#756592785 View
The Indian papers of the 4th Earl of Minto OCLC#839403310 View
The Meerut Conspiracy Trial, 1929-1932 OCLC#858358384 View
The papers of Sir Mark Sykes, 1879-1919: the Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Middle East OCLC#858358248 View
The papers of William Davenport & Co., 1745-1797 OCLC#847847505 View
The selected papers of George Howell, 1833-1910 OCLC#859601837 View
Tudway of Wells Antiguan Estate papers, 1869-1907 OCLC#881321712 View
Universities' Mission to Central Africa OCLC#859601875 View
War diaries from the Imperial War Museum: The Great War OCLC#859601834 View
War Resisters in Britain, 1914-1918 OCLC#900481993 View
Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist periodicals OCLC#859601812 View
West Indies material in the archive of the USPG, 1710-1950 OCLC#857289798 View