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What is Disease?

Robert Hicks
Published 4th April, 2024 18 min read

Records of Pandemics at The National Archives (UK)

Christopher Day
Published 4th April, 2024 24 min read

Influenza: the “thief in the night”

Mark Honigsbaum
Published 4th April, 2024 19 min read

From the Archive: Researching the Lives of Enslaved People

Dr Mary Wills
Published 7th March, 2024 22 min read

Guide to British Illustrated Periodicals, 1869–1970

British Online Archives
Published 3rd January, 2024 30 min read

The Sphere: Popular Imperialism as Entertainment for the Twentieth Century

Martin Conboy
Published 20th September, 2023 15 min read

The Graphic, 1869–1932

Andrea Korda
Published 19th September, 2023 17 min read

Propaganda and the mobilisation of consent during the two world wars

Catriona Pennell
Published 12th September, 2023 16 min read
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