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World Wars, 1863-1974

The World Wars:Firepower & Fascism at Home & Abroad, 1863-1974 Trial Series

What's Inside



The World Wars comprises 11 unique primary source collections, including materials as diverse as official government reports, periodical literature, and soldiers’ diaries. The featured collections touch upon all the major political, diplomatic, and military upheavals of the early twentieth century, not just in the West, but in Asia, too. Naturally, the first and second world wars are covered extensively, as is their aftermath. Unlike more traditional resources, this series encompasses many different subjects, from strategy and intelligence to the Holocaust and international law. It also explores the relationship between allies, as well as enemies.  

This series therefore provides scholars with a detailed overview of one of the most important periods in modern history, allowing them to focus on minutiae or much broader trends.  

Dates Covered



  • Bodleian Library
  • Cumbria Archive Service
  • Hull University Archives and others
  • Imperial War Museum
  • National Army Museum
  • The National Archives
  • The National Archives (UK); The British Library
  • University of Warwick. Modern Records Centre


Licensed to access British Diplomacy from the Unification of Germany to the Spanish Civil War, 1863-1939

Contributor: Cumbria Archive Service Contents: 8 Volumes, 103 Documents (37,288 Pages)
Esmé Howard (1863-1939) was an influential British diplomat during the early 20th century. As a young man, he worked as...
An image of Oswald Mosley walking towards the camera. To the left of him are a line of people saluting to him.

Licensed to access The British Union of Fascists: Newspapers and Secret Files, 1933-1951

Contributor: The National Archives Contents: 10 Volumes, 79 Documents (20,268 Pages)
Part of British Online Archives' Politics and Protest series, the resources contained within this collection chart the rise and fall of...
Cartoon drawing shows a World War I veteran walking on his hands, dragging his entrails behind him. He approaches a man, who sits on a chair and leans over to give him a medal for his service as a soldier.

Licensed to access Conscientious Objection During World War 1

Contributor: Hull University Archives and others Contents: 2 Volumes, 13 Documents (6,888 Pages)
During World War One, Conscientious Objectors united to oppose the war despite the criticism they faced. Three of these anti-war...

Licensed to access Life on the Front Line: Diaries, News, and Letters from the First World War, 1914-1919

Contributor: Imperial War Museum Contents: 5 Volumes, 56 Documents (13,214 Pages)
This collection contains an assortment of letters, news bulletins and journals from British soldiers and military men during the First...
An image of a crowd of people all performing the Nazi salute. Highlighted in a red circle is a man refusing to salute, showing his defiance and support of anti-fascism.

Licensed to access Life under Nazi Rule: Reports by Anti-Fascists in Occupied Europe, 1933-1945

Contributor: University of Warwick. Modern Records Centre Contents: 2 Volumes, 14 Documents (2,016 Pages)
This collection contains two newsletters published by the Internationale Transportarbeiter-Föderation/International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), a pan-European trade union, between 1933 and...
An image of an aircraft spotter searching the sky with binoculars during the Battle of Britain, World War 2. St. Paul's Cathedral is in the background.

Licensed to access Military Intelligence Files: Land, Sea & Air, 1938-1974

Contributor: The National Archives Contents: 12 Volumes, 106 Documents (73,344 Pages)
Part of British Online Archives's wide-ranging World Wars series, the resources contained within this collection shed light on the activities...
A map laid across a table. People are stood around the map and pointing at areas.

Licensed to access Military Tactics and the Rise of Modern Warfare, 1881-1935

Contributor: National Army Museum Contents: 9 Volumes, 68 Documents (6,190 Pages)
This collection is drawn from the personal papers of Professor Henry Spensor Wilkinson (1853-1937) and traces the rise of modern...
A black and white image of French, British and Italian ministers at the Paris Peace Conference.

Licensed to access Paris Peace Conference and Beyond, 1919-1939

Contributor: The National Archives (UK); The British Library Contents: 9 Volumes, 113 Documents (52,343 Pages)
The Paris Peace Conference was a meeting of Allied diplomats that took place in the aftermath of the First World...

Licensed to access Prosecuting the Holocaust: British Investigations into Nazi Crimes, 1944-1949

Contributor: The National Archives Contents: 8 Volumes, 144 Documents (180,875 Pages)
During the Second World War, the Nazi state was responsible for the systematic enslavement and extermination of millions of Jews....

Licensed to access Secrecy, Sabotage, and Aiding the Resistance: How Anglo-American Cooperation Shaped World War II

Contributor: The National Archives Contents: 11 Volumes, 222 Documents (59,215 Pages)
When the British and American security services went to war together, their targets included morale, supplies and governments. Sabotage training...

Licensed to access ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’: Missionaries in Asia during the World Wars, 1914-1946

Contributor: Bodleian Library Contents: 7 Volumes, 13 Documents (823 Pages)
This collection contains first hand accounts by missionaries attached to The Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) both during peacetime and...
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