The trade in people: The slave trade in Africa and the West Indies

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The trade in people: The slave trade in Africa and the West Indies Trial Series

What's Inside



Follow the slave trade from Africa and America to Britain through these records. See who traded in slaves, read accounts of their transportation and learn about the plantations where they were forced to work. Then uncover the philosophies that endorsed or fought against the existence of this trade in people.

Dates Covered



  • Bodleian Library, British Library, and others
  • Keele University Library
  • Liverpool (England). Record Office
  • Liverpool Record Office
  • Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
  • National Library of Scotland
  • Somerset Record Office
  • Surrey History Centre


Slavery: supporters and abolitionists, 1675-1865

Slavery: Advocacy & Opposition, 1675-1865
This collection contains a wide range of documents concerning the... explore collection...

Slave trading records from William Davenport & Co., 1745-1797

The papers of William Davenport & Co., 1745-1797
William Davenport was a Liverpool merchant and British slave trader.... explore collection...

Slave trade records from Liverpool, 1754-1792

Records relating to the slave trade at the Liverpool Record Office
This collection contains the papers of merchants who were involved... explore collection...

The West Indies: slavery, plantations and trade, 1759-1832

Jamaican material in the Slebech papers
Nathaniel Phillips owned several slave plantations in Jamaica during the... explore collection...

Scottish trade with Africa and the West Indies in the early 18th century, 1694-1709

Papers of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, 1694-1709
This collection contains the financial and administrative records of the... explore collection...

Slavery in Jamaica, records from a family of slave owners, 1686-1860

Papers relating to the Jamaican estates of the Goulburn family of Betchworth House
This collection contains records detailing the Goulburn family’s ownership of... explore collection...

American slave trade records and other papers of the Tarleton family, 1678-1838

American material from the Tarleton papers
The Tarleton family were influential merchants in Liverpool during the... explore collection...

Antigua, slavery and emancipation in the records of a sugar plantation, 1689-1907

Tudway of Wells Antiguan Estate papers, 1689-1907
This collection contains records pertaining to the Tudway family’s ownership... explore collection...
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