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Politics and Protest, 1102-1994

Politics and Protest, 1102-1994:From Major Party Politics to Popular Protest and Parliamentary History Trial Series

What's Inside



Politics and Protest provides students and researchers with a sweeping overview of British political history from the pre-Hansard era to the late-twentieth century. 

Many of the collections cover mainstream parties, including the Labour Party, Independent Labour Party, Social Democratic Party, Liberal Party, Liberal Democrats, and Scottish National Party, while others focus on extremist parties such as the British Union of Fascists

The records also cover extra-parliamentary groups and movements, with the suffragettes, Bryant and May strikers, trade unionists, and conscientious objectors all featured.

Dates Covered



  • Bishopsgate Institute
  • C L R James Library, Hackney
  • Hull University Archives and others
  • Labour History Archive and Study Centre
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Mitchell Library, Glasgow
  • National Library of Scotland
  • National Secular Society
  • Senate House Library, University of London
  • The National Archives
  • Wakefield One


Licensed to access Liberal Party from Asquith to Ashdown, 1912-1988

A history of the Liberal Party, Social Democratic Party, and Liberal Democrats through meeting and campaigning records
See how war and alliances shaped the Liberal Party. These...

Licensed to access British Labour Party Papers, 1968-1994

Parliamentary Labour Party papers, 1968-1994
The Labour Party was founded in 1900 to represent the interests...

Licensed to access Scottish Nationalist Leaflets, 1844-1973

Pamphlets relating to Scottish Nationalism, 1844-1973
The 1707 Acts of Union united the Scottish and English...

Licensed to access British Labour Party Papers, 1906-1969

Parliamentary Labour Party papers, 1906-1969
The Labour Party was founded in 1900 to represent the...

Licensed to access The Atheist Politician and his Anti-War Daughter: the Bradlaughs, 1833-1948

Papers of Charles Bradlaugh
Bradlaugh was a co-founder of the National Secular Society and...

Licensed to access Scottish Women's Suffrage Movement, 1902-1933

Glasgow Women's Suffrage Movement, 1902-1933
The Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for Women's Suffrage...

Licensed to access British Women Trade Unionists on Strike at Bryant & May, 1888

Bryant & May Matchwomen's Strike, 1888
The matchwomen who were employed by Bryant and May went...

Licensed to access British Parliamentary History, 1102-1803

Pre-Hansard Parliamentary papers, 1102-1803
This collection contains manuscripts and records relating to the history...

Licensed to access Independent Labour Party Records, 1893-1960

Independent Labour Party: Formation and Development
The Independent Labour Party (ILP) was a British left-wing political...

Licensed to access Trade Unionist, Electoral Reformist and Politician: George Howell, 1833-1910

The selected papers of George Howell, 1833-1910
With contacts including George Jacob Holyoake, Charles Bradlaugh, E. S....

Licensed to access Conscientious Objection During World War 1

War resisters in Britain, 1914-1918
During World War One, Conscientious Objectors united to oppose the...

Licensed to access The British Union of Fascists: Newspapers and Secret Files, 1933-1951

Fascism, national socialism, and anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom
Part of British Online Archives' Politics and Protest series, the resources...

Licensed to access 19th and 20th Century Philosophy in Perspective

Lady Victoria Welby-Gregory’s Annotated Personal Library, 1856-1911
Lady Victoria Welby-Gregory (1837-1912) was an English noblewoman and self-taught...
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