OCR Scanning

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OCR Scanning

Quite simply, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of ensuring that electronic files that have been scanned are fully searchable and editable in regards to the text that is found within them.

Once that the documents are scanned, they are generally converted into digital images (such as PDFs), and with OCR conversion, they can be developed into fully editable files including:

  • PDF searchable formats
  • CSV files
  • XML files
  • Excel files
  • Microsoft Word files

How does OCR work?

Like many technologies, OCR relies on two basic types of algorithm that will produce a list of possible characters for a recognition.

Matching characters involves the comparison of what is presented in the file to what the programme already knows, and this is done on a pixel by pixel basis; matching patterns and comparing them to saved data.

As can be imagined, the better condition that a document is in, the greater amount of accuracy is achieved. Good quality and well-preserved documents often achieve an accuracy of 99 per cent or more, but scratches, scuffs, and fading ink can lead to a smaller success rate.

In the event that a document, file, or archive, is in poor quality condition, our experienced proofreaders are on hand to locate and amend mistakes as an extra service.

What kind of documents can be converted to OCR?

Here at Microform we are able to convert an array of physical documents into OCR.

This includes:

What it means for clients

OCR provides businesses and organisations with a wealth of benefits.

Possibly one of the greatest benefits of having OCR PDFs and other files is that businesses are able to cut down on the hours and days spent searching for individual documents and folders within large archives.

As we work with a range of clients – from healthcare organisations right through to financial institutions – we have a deep experience in scanning and converting sensitive, private, and rare documents into OCR ready files.

What’s more, once the files are scanned in our secure facilities, our clients have an instant digital back up of all files and records, should anything go wrong.

Whereas physical films and papers are prey to the wear and tear of time, OCR PDFs and other files can be saved on a cloud server, or in as many locations as is deemed necessary.

Why choose our OCR software

Microform has been established for over 50 years and has worked with a range of businesses, organisations and institutions from all over the UK.

Although digital scanning and OCR software has not been around for as long as we have, we pride ourselves on being trusted to offer the best results for a range of medical, academic, financial and legal organisations.

What’s more, our services are totally bespoke, enabling us to cater for every need and whim of a client.

This ensures not only the best possible results, but also that every single document, film, and file in our possession is safe and secure.

For more information about our OCR services, how the process works, or anything else that we offer, contact us on hello@microform.co.uk or give us a call on 01924 825 700.

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