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Automatic Text Recognition

Create a fully searchable document archive

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Ideal for:

  • Simple document searches

  • Efficient document retrieval

  • Reducing search times

  • Improving inefficiencies

  • Accurate data capture

Search for specific information in seconds

Automatic text recognition uses Artificial Intelligence to accurately capture words and characters within a range of document types and languages, including handwriting. This means for documents accessed digitally, the content becomes become fully searchable using key terms and characters. This means you can quickly find and retrieve a particular document or piece of information without wasting valuable time.

/ The Benefits

Reduce search and retrieval times

Cut down on the hours spent searching for individual documents and folders within large archives.

Capture data precisely

Specialist scanners produce accurate results on a range of document types to enhance search functions and discoverability.

/ Who We Help

Human Resources
Manufacturing and Engineering
Marketing and Advertising
Real Estate
Transportation and Logistics

/ Why choose Us?

It’s a family affair

We’re proud to fly the flag for family-run businesses, and although our team has grown significantly over the last 60 years, we still bring a personal touch to everything we do.

Credible document protection

To keep your documents safe in our care, we implement strict security measures and undergo regular disaster recovery and business continuity risk assessments. You can read more about our processes, standards and accreditations here.

Individual design

Our bespoke document management and cloud management systems are tailored to support your business or organisation with its own unique challenges.

Respect for privacy

80% of the materials we work with contain sensitive information that you can trust us to handle in the strictest confidence. At your request, we’re happy to comply with non-disclosure agreements too.

We’ve got you covered

We work with a team of document management specialists, leading industry partners and state-of-the-art technology to provide one of the UK’s most comprehensive range of document management services.

Integrity guaranteed

Taking into consideration format, age and condition, your documents are treated with the greatest respect by our skilled, knowledgeable and experienced handlers.

/ Our Accreditations